Friday, October 27

5:30-6:00pm – Susan Horning – Journey To Gut Health with Herbal Medicine

6:30-7:15pm – Jolene Sharpe –  Live Pilates Demonstration

Saturday, October 28

10:45-11:15am – Kat Drennan – Ho Ho HA HA! Healing and Connecting through Laughter

11:30am-12:00pm – Valerie Mrakuzic – Unlock the Secrets to a Healthier, Happier and More Energetic You! 

12:15-12:45pm – Raeanna Layfield –  Winter Home Food Culture: Sourdough Demo!

1:00-1:45pm – Jason Watkin – SHROOMS EVERYDAY – Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science 

2:00-2:30pm – Kimberley Thompson –  THE POWER OF THE TOWER… Changing lives one tower at a time. 

2:45-3:15pm – Lindsay Kay – Doing 30 minutes of this one thing -EVERY DAY- can change your life!

3:30-4:00pm – Tanya & Emma Bea – Skin Health. Morpheus8, treating various skin concerns & anti-aging.

Sunday, October 29

10:45-11:15am – Lindsay Kay – Doing 30 minutes of this one thing -EVERY DAY- can change your life!

11:30am-12:00pm – Esther Hoogendoorn – Allergies suck but life doesn’t have to.

12:15-12:45pm – Kimberley Thompson –  THE POWER OF THE TOWER… Changing lives one tower at a time.

1:00-1:30pm – Lindsey Shields – The Missing Link in Your Fertility and Perinatal Journey

2:00-2:30pm – Joan Ruddell – The New Age of Collagen: Aging is a Fact of Life. Looking and Feeling Your Age is Not

3:00-3:30pm – Deb Kartz – Your Guide to Better Digestion Through Breath-work

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Susan Horning (Friday 5:30-6:00pm)

Susan Horning (Friday 5:30-6:00pm)


Journey To Gut Health with Herbal Medicine

Some believe that gut health is the best indication of our overall health.  With a baffling number of gut health supplements on the market such as probiotics, digestive enzymes, reflux medications, antacids, as well as multiple and conflicting diet recommendations, a changing food system ripe with pesticides and genetic modification, not to mention the stress of everyday living, it’s not surprising that our guts are challenged!

Join Susan Horning, botanical expert and naturalist for a review of this important bodily system and the herbs and botanicals that can help to heal and repair your gut!
    Jolene Sharpe (Friday 6:30-7:15pm)

    Jolene Sharpe (Friday 6:30-7:15pm)

    Certified Pilates Instructor, Owner at Precision Pilates Studio

    Pilates Demonstration
    When we think of wellness we often think of the food we eat, our mental health and the activities we do to keep our bodies active. When we think of exercise…do we see it as a chore or something we look forward to?
    Pilates has been completely life changing for myself and many of my clients. Too often we are slaves to our body’s ailments, dread going to workouts, or simply don’t see results. Pilates is an overall body workout that tones, shapes, and strengthens not just the mind, but the body and soul as well. 
    Pilates is a completely different way at looking at how the body moves and engages and for my presentation, I want to show you how health and wellness can be achieved by practising Pilates. When you  properly align the spine and engage your core muscles, you will already notice the difference and feel more in-tune with your body. There is value and energy in being in a class setting with like minded people, working to move the body efficiently, and that is what you will get from my classes. 
    I hope to share that with you during a mini-session with some of my clients during my presentation. Pilates truly is for everybody as you will see from the all levels all ages clients on stage.
      Kat Drennan (Saturday 10:45-11:15am)

      Kat Drennan (Saturday 10:45-11:15am)

      Certified Laughter Yoga Leader; Owner at The Craft of Wellness

      Ho Ho HA HA! Healing and Connecting through Laughter

      With decades of research, findings tell us how laughter reaps many health and wellness benefits. It is easy to conclude, laughter is the best medicine to feeling good every day. Unfortunately, these past few years we have not had much to laugh about. Did you know the average 3- to 7-year-old laughs over 300 times a day? This is helping to build their brains and form attachments with others. Meanwhile, the average adult laughs 18 times per day and can remain in a stressed state for days. We are learning more and more about what stress does to our bodies; increasing production and release of the stress hormone cortisol, to name a big villain to our overall health and wellness.

      Kat is passionate about the importance of self-care practice and knows firsthand how daily Self-Care practice helps you to do hard things with ease. Kat’s website The Craft of Wellness, provides tools and guidance to support you on your Life Journey. Your Life Journey is unique to you and The Craft of Wellness can tailor services to you ranging from Life Coaching to Shadow Guide to Death Dula. Kat knows the importance of daily Self-Care practice and Laughing Yoga is a fun, fulfilling and satisfying way to maintain physical and mental health wellness.

        Valerie Mrakuzic (Saturday 11:30am-12:00pm)

        Valerie Mrakuzic (Saturday 11:30am-12:00pm)

        Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Owner at Eating to Live Well

        Unlock the Secrets to a Healthier, Happier and More Energetic You! Empower Yourself with Health Awareness and Your Body’s Unique Needs.

        The best path to good health is nutrition and Eating to Live Well is all about helping people achieve their best health. Registered Holistic Nutritionist Valerie Mrakuzic works with clients to address the root cause of health challenges caused by diet and nutritional imbalances.

        Valerie provides Nutrition and Wellness plans using foods, nutrients and lifestyle management to get results. Through a 12-week program, Valerie will provide support and guidance to get you back on track to optimum health.

        Some Symptoms of Nutritional Imbalance Include:
        • Mental confusion and brain fog
        • Menstrual problems
        • Headache
        • Auto-Immune conditions
        • Inflammation
        • Nausea
        • Metabolic health conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity

        A graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Valerie knows that nutritional deficiencies, pathogens, environmental and chemical sensitivities are often behind ill-health symptoms and experiences. Valerie utilizes biofeedback technology to assess nutritional imbalances and provides recommendations to regain health.

          Raeanna Layfield (Saturday 12:15-12:45pm)

          Raeanna Layfield (Saturday 12:15-12:45pm)

          Red Seal Chef, Herbal Practitioner, Professional Forager/Forest guide

          Winter Home Food Culture: Sourdough Demo!

          Who really likes taking all those supplement pills and tinctures? They’re quite bitter, and you have to remember to take them every day. When we use food as medicine we are able to take in the nutrients we need all day long, and they are better absorbed into the body this way, too!

          Join certified Red Seal Chef, Herbal Practitioner and Professional Forager, Raeanna Layfield, as she teaches how to EAT your medicine!

          Raeanna will show you how to prepare food the way it used to be done; slowly, at home, and with your own hands!

          Sourdough demo:
          – Supplies
          – Starter-making and care
          – How to make sourdough bread
          – What else you can make with a sourdough starter
          – Why use a starter instead of yeast or baking powder

          Jason Watkin (Saturday 1:00-1:45pm)

          Jason Watkin (Saturday 1:00-1:45pm)

          Co-Founder and Chief Formulator for PURICA

          SHROOMS EVERYDAY – Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science 

          Jason is a passionate speaker trained in pathophysiology, pharmacology, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. What makes for a gripping presentation style is that he has also completed formal studies and meditative yogic practices in the Indo-Tibetan Tradition. His intent is to share modern and ancient wisdom to get at the root of what makes us unwell, and how to recover well-being.

          The integration of traditional eastern medicine and modern-day western practices can be a powerful ally in the fight against daily stress, dis”ease” and aging. PURICA Founder, CEO and Chief Formulator Jason Watkin gives you a strong game plan and winning strategy based on the power of nutrition, lifestyles and

          • How stress is the true culprit behind aging
          • How stress initiates the most serious of ailments & disease
          • How stress affects your gut & bone health
          • How stress is at the root of inflammation
          • How to mitigate stress, inflammation & aging by incorporating positive lifestyle solutions • How to boost your energy and stamina

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          Kimberley Thompson (Saturday 2:00-2:30pm, Sunday 12:15-12:45pm)

          Kimberley Thompson (Saturday 2:00-2:30pm, Sunday 12:15-12:45pm)

          Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach

          THE POWER OF THE TOWER… Changing lives one tower at a time. 

          I am a passionate advocate for sustainable living and empowering individuals to grow their own food. With a strong belief in the power of the Tower Garden system, I’ve dedicated my life to teaching people how to cultivate fresh, organic produce right in the comfort of their homes or gardens. Through workshops, online tutorials, and one-on-one guidance, I’ve inspired countless individuals to embrace a healthier, more self-reliant lifestyle by harnessing the incredible potential of vertical gardening. Join me in the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future, one Tower Garden at a time.

            Lindsay Kay (Saturday 2:45-3:15pm and Sunday 10:45-11:15am)

            Lindsay Kay (Saturday 2:45-3:15pm and Sunday 10:45-11:15am)

            Founder/CEO Slay Movement Collective

            Doing 30 minutes of this one thing -EVERY DAY- can change your life!

            Warning! Not a workout program. Not a weight loss program. Everyone’s journey is uniquely their own but we all have the same goal in sight. We are here to encourage and support each other along the way.

            Through story-telling Lindsay aims to show the life changing experience that can come from something as simple as a habit of moving your body for 30 minutes every day.

            In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to neglect our own well-being amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. It may sound simple, but committing to just 30 minutes a day of intentional movement can have a profound impact on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

            Regular physical activity not only strengthens our bodies but also enhances our overall quality of life. When we prioritize ourselves each day we set examples for our kids and we’re able to be better mothers, partners, friends and community members.

            Lindsay is a passionate women’s advocate and dedicated mother who has made it her mission to inspire women to embrace the power of daily movement both for their physical & mental health. She is a washed-up ex-athlete turned fun runner, a mental health advocate and a mama of 1 toddler and a teenage dog.  She founded the Slay Movement Collective with hopes that one day every woman will feel empowered to prioritize their health and wellbeing through the simple act of daily movement.

            Tanya & Emma Bea (Saturday 3:30-4:00pm)

            Tanya & Emma Bea (Saturday 3:30-4:00pm)

            Medical Estheticians, Owner & Manger of Tbeau Laser & Skin Rejuvenation Center

            Skin Health. Morpheus8, treating various skin concerns & anti-aging.

            Discover the secrets to achieving radiant & healthy skin as we present our latest advancements in skincare treatments. Join us for an exclusive event focused discussion on treating various skin conditions using the revolutionary Morpheus8: Radio-frequency microneedling. This talk will allow you to interact with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, & explore the latest advancements in skincare technology. Immerse yourself in the discussion in the world of comprehensive skin health.

            Our spotlight treatment, Morpheus8 Radio Free Microneedling, is a game-changer in the fight against aging. Through the combination of precise microneedling technology & radio-frequency energy, this cutting-edge treatment can effectively address a range of concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, uneven skin texture, sagging skin, contouring, & much more. Witness the power of this non-invasive procedure & experience the transformative results for yourself.

            In addition to our Morpheus8 treatment, Tanya & Emma Bea from Tbeau Laser & Skin Rejuvenation Center are educated in an array of other services to cater to your unique needs. They are delighted to provide personalized skin consultations, ensuring that you receive tailored advice and recommendations for your specific skin concerns. Whether you desire laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, Laser Genesis, acne treatment, body contouring, or any other advanced skincare solutions, our experts are here to guide you towards the best options.

              Esther Hoogendoorn (Sunday 11:30am-12:00pm)

              Esther Hoogendoorn (Sunday 11:30am-12:00pm)

              Creator of Sunnie Hunnie Oat Bites

              Allergies suck but life doesn’t have to. 

              Esther Hoogendoorn is a woman who embraces creativity and liberty. She has purposed her life to pursue and embrace those values. She is many things: an artist, an entrepreneur, a sister, a friend, an explorer and a connoisseur of Gluten free eats.

              Esther believes that our lives were made with a need for connection, but often times food allergies can be a source of isolation. Being diagnosed Celiac nearly 10 years ago, she knows the pain of feeling isolated at the table and it’s from that pain that she lives to help others with food allergies. She’s on a mission to create delicious eats for the gluten free person.

              Esther has created and co-founded a new Oat Bite snack based in the Fraser Valley called Sunnie Hunnie.  They are a delicious allergen friendly snack made with real, simple ingredients and without all the junk! She’s working on growing their reach into many regions of British Columbia and dreams of the Sunnie Hunnie Oat Bites reaching across Canada.

              Esther has a heartwarming way of chatting about food allergies and encouraging us to live an awesome life!

                Lindsey Shields (Sunday 1:00-1:30pm)

                Lindsey Shields (Sunday 1:00-1:30pm)

                Registered Holistic Nutritionist B.A., B.ED.

                Lindsey Shields, The Holistic Mama, is also the creator of The Holistic Mama Method, Owner of Holihappy, retreat host and most importantly a mama of two sweet babes. She will be talking about the missing link in your fertility and perinatal journey. Come learn about how it is crucial to take a true WHOLE-istic approach to enhance and boost fertility and support your growing baby to create their healthiest first home- your womb.

                  Joan Ruddell (Sunday 2:00-2:30pm)

                  Joan Ruddell (Sunday 2:00-2:30pm)

                  A.R.T./Health Researcher/Health Advisor/Author/Health Sciences Publisher

                  The New Age of Collagen: Aging is a Fact of Life. Looking and Feeling Your Age is Not

                  A.R.T./Health Researcher/Health Advisor/Author/Health Sciences Publisher

                  In this talk, Joan will examine the varied roles of several important collagen types and their essential function in health. She offers clear guidance on what to look for when selecting a collagen product for a healthier aging experience. Joan helps you navigate through the array of health concerns such as leaky gut, joint discomfort, high blood pressure, and the overall well-being of various organs, empowering you with research-based knowledge to make informed decisions about your health and your collagen choices.

                  Joan is a respected medical lab researcher, health advisor, speaker, author, and health sciences publisher.  She is passionate about sharing her comprehensive knowledge in medical research and has helped many clients to make the best choices for their health as they age. Having experienced traumatic brain injury, joint replacements, and severe neck and spine injuries, Joan leverages her experiences to focus on aiding others in understanding aging and the significant role collagen plays in maintaining health. Now a successful business owner and adult health educator in her senior years, Joan shares the critical aspects of different collagen types and the effects that decreased collagen production has on your health after age 30.  She will provide you with insights into the multifaceted aspects of aging, from psychological impacts to the tangible effects on physical health.

                  Specific Collagen Peptides Support:

                  • Skin, Hair, and Nails
                  • Tissue Regeneration and Repair
                  • Bone Regeneration and Flexibility
                  • Muscle Mass/Strength
                  • Improved Gut Health
                  • Wound Healing
                  • Joint Flexibility
                  • Immune Response/Antioxidants
                  • Liver Protection/Kidney Function
                  • Insulin Sensitivity
                  • Healthy Blood Pressure

                  If you’re looking for sound advice on healthy aging, Joan and her business partner, Loretta McAvoy Singh, RN., look forward to meeting you!

                  Deb Kartz (Sunday 3:00-3:30pm)

                  Deb Kartz (Sunday 3:00-3:30pm)

                  Functional Nutrition Practitioner

                  Your Guide to Better Digestion Through Breath-work

                  Deb is a certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner coach and wellness and parent coach with over 10 years of experience in the field. She has a deep understanding of the connection between the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and digestion, and how breathwork can help regulate both.

                  Deb’s focus on breathwork as a tool for improved digestion began when she discovered the powerful impact it had on her own gut health. By practicing diaphragmatic breathing and other breath work techniques, she was able to activate her parasympathetic nervous system, leading to improved digestion and reduced stress and anxiety.

                  Committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise with others, Deb is helping them achieve better digestion through breathwork and other relaxation practices. She believes that everyone has the power to improve their gut health through simple practices such as breathwork. In addition Deb is also has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. She has worked with clients from all walks of life, helping them overcome digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea through breathwork and functional nutrition.

                  So if you’re looking to improve your digestion and overall gut health, look no further than Deb. With her guidance and expertise, you can learn how to activate your parasympathetic nervous system through
                  breathwork, leading to improved digestion and reduced stress and anxiety.

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